The owner and director of the circus Metropol is Antonin Simek, who comes from an old circus family.
From the age of five featured in the circus arena as a Drezery. During his artistic career he performed also with a rare, unique number and Washington Trapeze eqilibrist.
In 2012 he founded his own business under the name "Circus Metropol". Name took over after his grandfather Antonin Šimek and Pavlina Simek who owned the circus Metropol in the years 1920 - 1930. Later he performed under the name Tornado Circus, Circus Brother Simek, who celebrated great successes especially in Slovakia. Their circus people mentioned today. Communists that undertaking several times nationalized. Nevertheless Šimek family always managed to build this company over and over again.
Their son Miroslav Simek has built with his wife Otilio Sameš - Šimek and their children a modern circus Tornado.
After the death of Miroslav Šimek youngest son Anthony and his wife Stanislava Šimek build from scratch your own business under the name Circus Metropol.
Stanislava born wife Helfer has also circus roots. Their descendant Antonín ml. Currently, 6 years also gradually penetrating to the artistic profession.
At the moment the circus accounts for about 35 people and 50 exotic and domestic animals that stand in the arena. Circus annually engages new artists, and continues to add new animals.
Circus Metropol despite its brief tenure everywhere reaps big success.


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This passage of history is only an introduction to the rich historical record
Šimkos families. Coming soon more facts and photos from your family
the archives of the extended family.
Thank you for understanding


This photo dates from around 1952, it is seen that the circus wild animals Metropol really belongs to the past, and this tradition continues.

Amid sitting the owner of the circus Metropol, Tornado and brothers Simkos´ - Paulína Šimko,
the right side is Stanislava Helfer born Šimko - grandmother of the current owner of the circus Metropol Stanislava Šimko born Helfer
the aunt left standing Edita Berousek.



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